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I teach theory, composition and electronic music at the University of South Carolina. I also direct undergraduate and graduate creative activity/research in computer music. My current research interests include musical sonification, Web app software development for music theory, and mathematical music theory.

To learn more about my music, software or teaching, click on one of the links above. Links to recent articles and paper presentations are available below. You can check out snipits from my electronic music CD Sounding Number in iTunes Preview, or listen to the entire album on Spotify.

Featured Projects

Bridges 2015 (Baltimore, MD)
A Musical Scale Generated from the Ratio of Consecutive Primes

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ATMI 2013 (Boston, MA)
Max/MSP Software Design for Music, Math and Computer Science Outreach

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Csound Journal
Risset's Arpeggio:
Composing Sound Using
Spectral Scans

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ATMI 2012 (San Diego, CA)
iPad Web App Development for Music Theory

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Updated: August 12, 2016