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Music Theory IV

Spring 2018

MUSC 216 | E-book | Naxos | OnMusic | Grove/Oxford

C O U R S E   M O D U L E S
Chromatic Harmony &
Voice Leading (Cont.)
Other Chords
2. Chromatic Sequences &
Post-Tonal Harmony
3. Scales
4. Chord Structures
5. Atonal Theory
6 Twelve-Tone Serialism

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Welcome to MUSC 216!

Course Information

  1. Spring 2018 Syllabus (pdf)
  2. Links for Instructors

Required Textbook/Workbook

Burstein, L. Poundie and Joseph N. Straus. 2015. A Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony.
New York: Norton. {Table of Contents}

Course Materials

  1. Burstein/Staus
  2. Listening/Analysis
  3. Harmonic Analysis


  1. Chord calculator {}
    Check the spelling of triads, seventh chords and sus chords on any root (with or without a key signature)
  2. Roman numeral calculator {}
    For any key and Roman numeral symbol, check the spelling of the associated triad or seventh chord
  3. Scale calculator {Teoria}
    Check the spelling of contemporary scales on any pitch class
  4. Drill & Practice

Online Resources

Adams, Ricci. ( 2016. Available online at: <>.

Alvira, José Rodríguez. 2016. Teoria. Available online: <>.

Cutler, Tim. 2015. Internet Music Theory Database: A Collection of Scores and Sound Files. Available online at: <>.

Feezell, Mark. 2010. (LMT). Available online at: <>.

Shaffer, Kris, Bryn Hughes, and Brian Moseley. 2014. OpenMusicTheory (OMT). Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing. Available online at: <>.


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