Introduction to Computer Music

Max Programming Glossary

Here is a listing of the most important computer programming concepts we will encounter in our study of Max. For a more comprehensive listing, see the Wiktionary Glossary of Computer Programming. For ontological, methodological, and ethical issues surrounding computer science, see the The Philosophy of Computer Science in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Abstraction {WP}

Algorithm {WP}

ASCII {WP}, Extended ASCII {WP} & Unicode {WP}

Commenting code {WP}

Computer programming {WP}

Control flow {WP}

Counter {WP}

Central processing unit (CPU) {WP}

Data type {WP}

Debugging: syntax error & logical error {WP}

Depth-first search {WP}

Encapsulation {WP}

Execution (of a program) {WP}

Floating-point number {WP}

Flow chart {WP}

Generative art {WP}

Graph {WP} & Directed acyclic graph {WP}

Graphical programming language {WP}

Human-computer interaction (HCI) {WP}

Increment {WP}

Initialization (of a program) {WP}

Input/Output (I/O) {WP}

Iteration {WP}

Interpreted (programming) language {WP}

Integer {WP}

Loop {WP}

Message {WP}

Number {WP}

Object-oriented programming {WP}

Operating System {WP}

Parameters & Arguments {WP}

Peer programming {WP}

Preemptive multitasking {WP}

Programming language {WP}

Pseudorandomness {WP}

Program {WP} & Subprogram {WP}

Recursion {WP}

Scheduling {WP}

Stack {WP}

User Interface {WP}

Variable {WP}

Von Neumann architecture {WP}

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Updated: August 28, 2019

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