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MUSC 336 | Learning: Max | MIDI | MSP

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Links to selected Max Tutorials, Topics, Guides, and Reference manual entries. These links provide a quick way to review what was covered in class, as well as begin exploring other features of Max that might be useful in your project work.

  1. Introduction to Max
  2. The Max Environment {C74}
  3. MIDI Tutorials {C74}
  4. Max Programming 1
  5. Max Programming 2
  6. Data Tutorials
  7. Graphics
  8. Sequencing
  9. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  10. Other Max Environment and Programming Topics


Cycling '74, Online Tutorials {C74}
User articles that explore various Max, MSP, and Jitter concepts that are not explored in the in-app Examples, Tutorials, and Help files


Cycling '74. 2018. Max 8 Documentation. Available online at: <>.

Updated: November 10, 2019

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