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The Counterpoint of J.S. Bach

Summer 2018

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C O U R S E   M O D U L E S

Counterpoint &

2. Canon
3. Invention




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Bach's musical Credo: Harmony is constituted by accumulated counterpoint.

– Christoph Wolff

Course Description

Analysis of contrapuntal techniques in the music of J.S. Bach with a focus on canon, invention and fugue.

Prerequisite: Undergraduate tonal harmony and voice leading

Couse Documents

  1. Syllabus (pdf)
  2. Topics
  3. Bibliography
  4. Works for Study
  5. Media
  6. Related Topics
  7. Reference

Project Guidelines

  1. Due Tues., July 3
  2. Due Wed., July 11
  3. Due Wed., July 18 or Thurs., July 19

Digital Scores/Analysis

  1. CHORALE {Dahn 2018; IMSLP}
  2. CANON
  3. INVENTION, BWV 772-786 {IMSLP; BD}
  4. FUGUE

Archives, Catalogues, Editions and Manuscripts

  1. Bach Werke-Verzeichnis {WP}
  2. Bach Archiv Leipzig {WP}
  3. Editions


  1. American Bach Society: Bach Perspectives
  2. Bach Network: Understanding Bach Web Journal
  3. Riemenschneider Bach Institute: BACH Journal {JSTOR}

Online Resources

  1. Algomus, Computational Analysis of Bach Fugues
  2. Dahn,
  3. Edwards, Puzzle Canon Site
  4. Emmanuel Music, Cantata Texts and Translations {}
  5. Hanford and Koster, J. S. Bach Homepage
  6. Open Goldberg (OG) & Open WTC
  7. Oron, Bach Cantatas Website
  8. Smith, The Canons and Fugues of J.S. Bach
  9. Tomita, Bach Bibliography

BD - Bach Digital; GB - Google Books; Grove/Oxford - Grove/Oxford Music Online; HDM - Harvard Dictionary of Music; OG - Open Goldberg

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